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Cha-ching: You will now earn credits faster in ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’

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Once again, EA has made changes to the progression system in Star Wars Battlefront II. On Monday, December 4, the company announced in a blog post that in-game currency rewards have been increased.

At the end of each multiplayer round, all players will receive increased credits just for playing. As an incentive for those who played particularly well, the bonus for top players on each side of the fight has also been raised. The wording emphasized that the main goal was to more properly reward those with the best performances, meaning that the additional credits are more substantial for top players.

The cooperative Arcade mode, a fun aside to the multiplayer variants and single campaign, previously suffered from players hitting the daily credit cap rather quickly. The cap has been tripled to 1,500 credits per day, but EA also hinted that it will continue to work toward adding additional incentives to the mode in the future.

Each day you boot up Battlefront II, you receive a loot crate with crafting parts. The crates now have more crafting parts to help you build the Star Cards you want quicker.

According to EA, the changes to the credit system are available now after updating your copy of the game.

The changes come after a rather chaotic launch month in which EA suspended microtransactions due to complaints about the game devolving into a pay-to-win experience. Heroes, which were substantially decreased in price (credits) due to similar backlash prior to launch, should be even easier to acquire with the new credits system.

Increased credits per match come just in time for the start of Battlefront II‘s “The Last Jedi Season.” Starting Tuesday, December 5, users can choose to side with The First Order or the Resistance in a battle to earn faction rewards. Over the course of the season, users will receive free heroes, vehicles, and maps.

The free content ties into the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Finn and Captain Phasma enter the game as playable heroes, while the planet Crait will be playable in Galactic Assault and users can fly around D’Qar in Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing in Starfighter Assault.

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