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Here are some of the easiest ways to earn credits in Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has a complex multiplayer progression system. Like the last Battlefront, in which you earned experience points to unlock new weapons and abilities over time, Battlefront II uses a similar multi-pronged approach that requires you to complete challenges, earn currency, and upgrade abilities for your classes. As you play, you’ll unlock credits, which can be used to purchase various items for your heroes.

Credits used to work differently for a period of time after the game launched. Originally, you would use credits to purchase upgrades for your weapons and classes. Since the game’s 2.0 patch in 2018, the game was totally overhauled in this regard, removing the need to use credits to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Now, you gain skill points as you earn XP, which can be used for upgrades.

Credits are still in the game, but they have taken a backseat to skill points, and rightfully so. The original way credits were implemented heavily emphasized spending real money, which was tied to the game’s loot crates. Those, too, have been removed. Still, credits can be useful, depending on what you value in competitive shooters.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to use credits, how to gain them quickly, and what they’re used for.

What to buy with credits

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Credits don’t work like they used to. Instead, they are designed for purely aesthetic and cosmetic purposes now. They are mainly used for purchasing emotes, voice lines, and victory poses for your heroes and classes. Certain locked costumes for your classes can also be purchased with credits, which vary in price. EA opted for a more consumer-friendly approach after the game’s initial negative reception and ultimately changed it for the better.

That means, unfortunately, that credits aren’t anywhere near as useful as they once were, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to earn them. Some of the emotes and costumes are pretty slick, so check them out for yourself to see if there are any that catch your eye. We really like the 41st Scout Battalion skin for the Galactic Republic Assault Class.

Earn more credits in each match by sticking to objectives

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Every time you play a multiplayer match, you get credits. How many credits you receive at the end of a given match is tied to your battle points, a stat you earn by racking up kills, but also for defending positions, planting or defusing bombs, attacking walkers, and generally helping your team win.

Even if you aren’t the greatest killer in the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, you can still rack up a solid amount of battle points by completing objectives in most multiplayer modes. If you’re a good fighter, it still pays to stick to the objectives in game modes to try to earn as many points as possible. The idea is to try to earn as many credits as you can per match, so you can buy more emotes, voice lines, and victory poses.

Focus on milestones

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In addition to earning credits for completing multiplayer matches, Battlefront II gives you credits, crafting parts, and sometimes crates for completing challenges tied to your classes, your guns, and different game modes, which are called milestones. They’re what you want to focus on to advance your character in multiplayer. You can review milestones from the Career menu, and you will always want to have one in mind as a goal when you play multiplayer matches. Make sure everything you do in a given multiplayer match is pushing you toward a milestone in order to maximize your currency earnings and your progression.

Complete the campaign

Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Guide -- Campaign
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Your first set of milestones should be completing the single-player campaign. It isn’t especially long, and you earn credits for finishing each mission, regardless of difficulty. Finishing the campaign is a good way to increase your credit count and give you a few handy star cards to kick-start your progress for each of your characters. You receive a handful of credits as a reward for finishing the campaign, plus enough currency to unlock Iden Versio, the campaign’s protagonist, in multiplayer.

Go for the collectibles

Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Guide -- Collectibles
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The second set of relatively easy milestones to complete while playing the campaign is tied to finding collectible items in each mission. You will recognize these black crates because you will see a prompt that lets you send your droid to “slice” them (that’s Star Wars-speak for “hack”). Finding collectibles clears a few more milestones, which will set you up for multiplayer.

You need all of the collectibles in a given mission in order to clear the milestone, and only missions featuring Versio include collectibles. Each cleared collectible milestone dishes out crafting parts, which allow you to purchase new Star Cards or, even better, upgrades for the cards you already have. You need your total progression level to reach 10 and your class to level seven before you can amplify your cards, so keep that in mind when deciding how to spend.

Put 10 minutes into each trooper class

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When you start playing multiplayer regularly, you will probably fall into a rhythm with one or two classes that you prefer over the others. Battlefront II wants to push you to get good with every class, though, so you can change your role to suit the needs of the mission. There are milestones that encourage you to use each trooper class.

The quickest milestones are a few that unlock once you’ve spent a little time with each trooper class. You’ll get a milestone for spending 10 minutes in each class, plus another milestone once you clock 10 minutes with all of them. Easy credits.

Spend some time in the arcade

Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Guide -- Arcade
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There are milestones tied to each of the different game modes in Battlefront II. Arcade mode has the easiest one to earn quickly. Arcade puts you in a series of small skirmishes against computer-controlled enemies, with a variety of different classes and heroes to try. You can also play cooperatively with another person.

Arcade is a bit easier than embarking on lots of multiplayer modes, and it lets you hone your skills a bit as well. There are a lot of milestones available in the mode, and while it isn’t as lucrative or easy as the single-player campaign, arcade is a good change of pace from multiplayer, and it’s great if you want to bring a friend along.

You can farm credits in arcade mode by completing matches. The best way to do this is to turn on Last Stand from the game mode settings and blow yourself away at the start of each round. You get credits for simply completing matches, and although you do get more per game if you complete objectives, it’s faster and more efficient to finish the round as quickly as you can.

Play co-op missions

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Playing cooperatively is one of the best ways to earn XP and credits. One of the benefits of playing co-op is that there are a ton of enemies to defeat along with fewer players to take your kills. That means there are more enemies to go around for everyone on the team. It’s easy enough to achieve a victory, and when you complete milestones, you’ll be racking up credits like it’s nobody’s business. Plus, playing co-op is quite fun. There are a few different missions to choose from, so pick whichever you’d like and have fun with it. You’ll find that it’s a lucrative way to progress through your Battlefront II career.

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