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Fan-crafted 'X-Wing' remake delivers Star Wars space battles in full 3D

XWVM Prototype Gameplay (2016-12-03)
A dedicated group of Star Wars fans banded together to produce XWVM, a collaborative Unity project that aims to port LucasArts’ 1993 space combat sim X-Wing to modern PC platforms.

Mod creator David Esparza Guerrero gives a glimpse at the current version of XWVM in the teaser video above, showcasing his team’s last two years of development efforts.

While the original X-Wing was a technical marvel in the early ’90s, its presentation is outclassed in later 3D games, including its own sequels TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. The original PC version of X-Wing is also tied to the MS-DOS platform, requiring later reissues to be bundled with emulation software such as DOSBox.

Guerrero’s forthcoming remake will address these issues, rendering the game at higher resolutions while ensuring compatibility with modern PCs.

“After trying to find the perfect X-Wing edition and realizing that the closest one to perfection is virtually lost to us (the 1996 Mac PowerPC edition cannot be run at a decent speed on modern x86_64 machines), I started looking for the best way to improve X-Wing to get the best of all the editions,” Guerrero explains.

While Star Wars fans have previously ported X-Wing‘s missions to later series entries like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Guerrero finds that the results lack contextual storyline elements from the original game and the gameplay “doesn’t work very well without extensive modding.”

By producing a Unity version, Guerrero hopes to add support for “modern resolutions, [additional] input methods, and even usability improvements that were later added to TIE Fighter and [X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter].” The latest version of XWVM represents a significant leap forward from earlier betas and features improvements in combat AI, ship modeling, and mission logic.

A public release date for XWVM is not yet known.

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