Steam Controller adds a D-pad

steam controller adds d pad

Valve’s “Steam Dev Days” continue, and the most recent news to come out of the event involves the Steam Controller. The prototype controller that does away with thumbsticks is undergoing another redesign, this time to add a D-pad, according to Valve.

Although the final version of the controller has not yet been set, Valve is confirming that the retail version will not offer a touchscreen, but rather a d-pad, as well as four, traditional “ABXY” buttons to ensure backwards compatibility. Valve also confirmed a few more details about the controller. It will accept AA batteries, Valve is considering VR functionality while designing the controller, and more changes are coming based on beta feedback.

The Steam Controllers are undeniably ambitious in their scope and goals, but they still need a little work, as we saw during our time with one. The addition of the D-pad is very much for the better, and will increase the usefulness of the device when it comes to games made specifically for a console.  

Valve went on to talk a bit about the Steam Machines, and claimed that “Valve wants to focus not only on gaming, but all things people want to do on a Steam Machine in the living room (Music, TV etc).” It also revealed that the Steam service reached an incredible 75 million users.

The Steam Dev Days runs January 15 and 16 in Seattle, WA, and more than 1,200 people are in attendance.