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Let the gaming begin: The Steam Summer Sale has finally arrived

Check out 20 of the best deals available right now in the Steam Summer Sale

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Update: As the Steam Summer Sale continues, we’ve updated our list of recommended deals.

Hide your wallets, hide your purses, because we’re buying every game Steam has to offer. Yes, the Steam Summer Sale 2017 is officially upon us.

As PC Gamer highlighted, we had our first hint of the Steam Summer Sale’s launch date last month when a developer group screengrab suggested it would begin June 22. That was backed up by PayPal U.K. on June 20, when it outright stated when the sale would start, offering British gamers an additional 5 pounds off of their first purchase if they spent 20 pounds or more. A Valve representative also confirmed that the sale would start on June 22, so we hope your gaming PCs are ready.

The Steam Summer Sale is a period in every PC gamers’ year that is met with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Yes, you can buy that game you’ve been hankering for for months but couldn’t justify the cost, but you may also be suckered in to buying a bunch of games you never planned to.

Even if you end up clearing your wish list and buying everything you’ve wanted for the past six months, will you even end up playing all of them? Such is the stress brought on by a Steam Summer Sale.

The summer sale is live now and will run through July 5. In recent years, Valve has changed the format of its sales. Rather than forcing users to keep an eye out for daily deals and flash sales, all of the promotions are available throughout the whole sale. As opposed to making impulse buys, you can definitely sit back and survey the sale landscape before purchasing the games in your digital cart.

What we recommend you do is set a limit — whether it’s on the number of games you’ll buy because of your own limited time, or on the amount you’ll spend because money is more of a concern.

To help you out, we’ve highlighted 20 great offers on sale right now:

Regardless of what you choose, don’t lose your head. It’s a sale, not a Pokémon-style collect-’em-all scenario. And don’t forget, you can always play your friends’ games through Family Sharing.

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