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Start saving up: Steam’s Summer Sale will reportedly begin June 21

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The annual Steam Summer Sale is a great way to get a handful of PC games at a fraction of their normal price, and it appears we now know when you’ll be have to get your wallet out. According to Steam Database, the sale will begin on June 21.

The same date was leaked on the Steam Reddit page on May 8, which also listed an end date of July 5 for the sale. If true, this would be almost identical to 2017, when the sale ran from June 22 until July 5.

Last year’s Steam Summer Sale included an 83 percent discount on the Borderlands Triple Pack, which usually sells for over $100, as well as a 44 percent discount on Superhot and Superhot VR.

Valve also holds a Steam Winter Sale that includes similarly crazy deals. In December, the 2017 Winter Sale offered Watch Dogs 2 for $20, Rainbow Six Siege for just $9, and Inside for $10. Though not the absolute newest games on the market, they were still significantly less expensive than at other times of the year.

If you’re a PlayStation 4 player, Sony is currently also running a sale focusing on games that are primarily available via digital download. In addition to the standard sale price being significantly reduced on all of the included games, PlayStation Plus members get an additional discount. The Witness, for example, is available for $10 through PlayStation Plus — it normally sells for $40. It was recently free through Xbox Live’s Games With Gold as well. Ubisoft’s Grow Up and Grow Home are available for less than $5 a piece, and the multiplayer fencing game Nidhogg 2 can be purchased for just $9.

Xbox One players aren’t getting left out either, though they won’t be able to find their deals on the console’s own store. Head to Amazon and you’ll find digital codes for several major new games available at a steep discount. These include Resident Evil 7 for less than $25, Star Wars: Battlefront II for $24, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Deluxe Edition for just $40 — half of its usual price. Since you’re paying for digital codes that will allow you to download the games, you won’t have to wait for Amazon to ship them to begin playing.

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