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Steam Winter Sale lets you save huge on Sekiro, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Steam’s annual Winter Sale has begun, and like always, the digital store is offering some impressive savings on some of the biggest video games. Regardless of whether you’re interested in shooters, role-playing games, action, or strategy, there is a deal waiting for you right now. Here are some of the deals we’re most excited about.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was just awarded The Game Awards 2019’s coveted game of the year prize, and it’s available on Steam for just $39 right now. The incredibly difficult action game blends elements of studio From Software’s past work with a new parrying system that creates some of the most intense melee combat encounters we’ve ever experienced. It also includes more stealth elements and direct storytelling that is far less confusing than the Souls series or Bloodborne.

Speaking of game of the year titles, 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2 has come to Steam and is on sale for $48 during the Winter Sale. It’s a prequel to the original game, featuring new protagonist Arthur Morgan, and it chronicles an outlaw gang’s encounters with law enforcement hell-bent on removing the last remnants of the Wild West from America.

The massively underrated Devil May Cry 5 is on sale for less than $20 during the Steam Winter Sale, and comes with extra Red Orb currency to help you get your character’s abilities more quickly. After more than a decade away from Dante and Nero, we finally return to see them struggling with a mysterious new demon king while receiving assistance from the equally mysterious “V.” We recommend getting the slightly pricier Deluxe Edition, which comes with hilarious live-action versions of the game’s cutscenes.

If you need to get your strategy fix, then look no further than Civilization VI, which is being offered at a ridiculously low $15, down from the standard $60. The game is the latest in Firaxis’ long-running series, and has added a continuous stream of new leaders and content since its initial release. There are also new expansions that you can purchase, which are similarly on sale if you’re looking to get the full version of the game for a cheap price.

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