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Cabbie, follow that Pokemon! Taxi firm promises a fruitful Poké-tour of the city

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There is seemingly no end to the ways in which Pokémon Go players can be exploited, nor to the player’s willingness to buy into anything and everything that may help them improve their game. The latest in this self perpetuating cycle comes from a taxi company in Manchester, U.K., where you hop in a cab, and the driver takes you to the best Pokémon hunting spots in the city. In return for 20 British pounds (about $27), you get an hour’s tour of Manchester, and advice on how to best play the game from the cabbie himself.

Pokemon Go Street Cars TaxiIs this just another marketing ploy to grab some cash from eager Poké-players? Yes, admits Street Cars director to the BBC, but it has gone way beyond that. After only three days with the service running, the company now has 12 dedicated cars on Pokémon duty, and eight of them are usually busy. He has made sure his most dedicated players drive the cabs, so they know the hot spots, and the firm also makes use of the various Poké-mapping services online to make sure each trip is a success.

Playing Pokémon Go as a passenger in a car, bus, or train has been popular since the game’s release. However, the game has been applauded for motivating people to go outside and move around. Paying to be driven around does go against that aspect, and it’s not surprisingly to hear most of Street Cars clientele have been lazy adults rather than kids. Players aren’t satisfied with being driven around the city either, and are requesting trips outside the center, while others are calling up from neighboring towns to be picked up and taken to the Pokémon rich streets and parks in Manchester.

The next step for Street Cars is to get one of its cars repainted in a Pikachu design. Aware the Pokémon Go bubble may burst at anytime, Street Cars is making the most of its idea, and promises to keep the service going as long as there is demand.

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Nintendo Switch’s weirdest launch game is getting a surprise sequel
Key art for Everybody 1-2-Switch!

Nintendo has quietly announced Everybody 1-2-Switch!, a sequel to one of the oddest launch titles for Nintendo Switch.
1-2-Switch! was a Nintendo Switch launch title that served as a tech demo of sorts for the Joy-Con controllers, with players completing minigames based on direction from actors in live-action clips. It's a very quirky and critically divisive Nintendo Switch game, so it's a bit surprising to see a follow-up. According to the eShop listing for Everybody 1-2-Switch!, this game lets players use their Joy-Cons or smartphones to complete a variety of team-based minigames. And that's about all we've seen or know about this $30 game ahead of its June 30 launch alongside some new pastel Joy-Cons.

Everybody 1-2-Switch!'s announcement was quite unorthodox for Nintendo. It simply tweeted about the game's existence and opened up preorders on the eShop. This all happened with no reveal trailer less than a month before the game's launch. It's unknown why Nintendo's taking this approach instead of including the game in a Nintendo Direct or other major showcase, but a 2022 report from Fanbyte may reveal the answer. According to that report, Everybody 1-2-Switch! tested horribly, and Nintendo worried that the game could "damage the company’s reputation as a great software developer." 
Almost a year after that report, it seems that the game has improved enough to release, or maybe Nintendo is just willing to take the hit after the impressive launch and critical reception of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Either way, this is a weird sequel to a weird Nintendo Switch launch game that's being mutedly marketed so it doesn't elicit much hype. We'll just have to wait and play it for ourselves if we want to know whether Everybody 1-2-Switch! is an enjoyable game or not.
Everybody 1-2-Switch! will be released physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch on June 30.

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