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How to change profile Titles in Street Fighter 6

Diving into the world of Street Fighter 6 opens up a whole new arena of customization. Instead of just playing as the iconic world warriors and other designed fighters, you are finally able to create your own custom avatar to face off against these legendary brawlers. The character creator is extensive enough already, but that’s only part of the suite of ways you can customize your experience. Titles are back and give you a way to add some flair and personality to your profile when playing against opponents online. Unfortunately, the way to actually change your Title is a bit obscure. Here’s how you can change your profile Title in Street Fighter 6.

How to change your Title

A list of profile titles for Luke in street fighter

After  you’ve gotten started in the game, head into the Main Menu and go to the Profile section. This is where people will get tripped up. You need to press Square to enter the Battle Settings, then press Triangle to access Update Character Settings, then select Title Settings from the available tabs. This is finally where you are able to go in and pick from any of the Titles you’ve unlocked so far. The Title will be applied to whichever character you have selected, so you can have different titles set for each character.

Titles are unlocked as you accomplish different tasks all across Street Fighter 6, such as making progress through World Tour Mode, fighting with characters in the Battle Hub, and competing in the Fighting Ground. There’s also a decent amount that you get just for playing the game, as well as linking your account. Titles will be broken down into three sections: All, Character, and General Use.

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