Capcom will be letting the public play Street Fighter V next month at CEO 2015 in Orlando

Street Fighter V

If you’ve been salivating at each new piece of information on Street Fighter V that’s been revealed, a trip to Florida might be in order, as Capcom will be showing a playable version of the game there next month.

Community Effort Orlando 2015 is a stop on the Capcom Pro Tour, and it was announced via the Combo Breaker Street Fighter IV livestream over the weekend that the latest entry in the Street Fighter franchise will be playable there, IGN reports. The event takes place from June 26 to 28 in — you guessed it — Orlando.

This is the first time that a playable demo of the game will be available to the public. Details on what this playable version will consist of are scant, but we’ve seen plenty of in-game footage from Street Fighter V, and based on what we’ve seen, it looks like the game is coming along nicely.

While it hasn’t yet been announced which version of the game Capcom will be showing at CEO 2015, it seems fairly likely that the PlayStation 4 version will be the main focus leading up to the launch. Still, it’s possible that Capcom will be showing the work-in-progress title on the PC. Sorry Xbox One fans: it was confirmed last year that the PS4 is the only console getting Street Fighter V.

Capcom seems to be ramping up the publicity behind Street Fighter V. Last week we got a good look at series mainstay M. Bison in action. He may be a little older and a little more gray, but his skills — including his signature Psycho Crusher — are still intact.

An exact date for the release of Street Fighter V has yet to be announced, but it’s expected to arrive some time in spring 2016.

In the meantime, have a look at M. Bison showing off his skills below.