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Capcom outlines features, modes bundled with Street Fighter V at launch

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Publisher Capcom has announced which modes and features Street Fighter V players can expect to see on launch day, revealing that many key aspects of the game will be locked away for future updates.

Though basic single-player and versus modes will be available for play at launch, features like an in-game store and expanded online lobbies will not be initially available for early adopters.

Upon Street Fighter V‘s release, players will be able to battle AI-controlled opponents in the game’s Character Story and Survival modes. Character Story Mode offers a series of brief campaigns featuring unique art and dialog scenes, and players can unlock new outfits by finishing each character’s quest.

These outfits will not be immediately unlockable, however, as Street Fighter V will lack an in-game store at launch. Players will need to wait for the game’s first major update, which premieres in March, before they can use in-game currency to unlock new features, costumes, and characters.

Street Fighter V‘s online versus mode will be similarly hobbled at launch, and will only allow up to two players to meet up in online battle lobbies. The planned March update will increase lobby sizes to accommodate up to eight players, and will add a Spectator mode.

Capcom additionally detailed an upcoming Challenge mode, noting that the bulk of its included content will be available “soon after launch.” Once implemented, Street Fighter V‘s Challenge mode will offer daily goals, boss fights, combo trials, and a comprehensive tutorial that will aid players in mastering each of the game’s 16 included characters.

Players won’t have to wait long for roster updates, however, as the first of Street Fighter V‘s six DLC characters will debut next month. Returning Street Fighter III brawler Alex will be playable starting in March, and Capcom notes that players can accrue enough in-game currency to unlock him by completing the bulk of the game’s single-player content beforehand.

Street Fighter V will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms on February 16th.

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