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Super Mario Bros. meets Portal in fan-made Mario game

Like two great tastes that (surprisingly) go great together, a new, downloadable game called Mari0 combines one of the most iconic games of the past and one of the most groundbreaking games of the modern era.

Created by indie studio Stabyourself, Mari0 is a full recreation of the original Super Mario Bros that gives Mario his own Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (from Portal, naturally) and lets hijinks ensue. The game is free to download for PC, Mac, and Linux, and comes with a ridiculous amount of other features beyond the whole “Mario with a portal gun” element that make it a truly absurd experience.

Along with offering four-player simultaneous co-op play, there’s a level editor, free downloadable maps, game modifier packs, and a few other creation tools that make it share some similarities with Minecraft, too. (Watch the game trailer and you’ll see what we mean.)

Oh, and just in case the feature you really want is a wide variety of hats for Mario to wear, the developers have you covered. According to the specs, there are 33 hats for Mario to choose from.

They have clearly thought of everything.

Is it too early to declare Mari0 the Game of the Year?

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