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How to unlock everything in Super Mario Maker 2

How to unlock the Super Hammer and Superball Flower in Super Mario Maker 2

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Unlike the original Super Mario Maker, the Nintendo Switch sequel makes all of the essential Mario design tools available to creators from the start. There’s no need to wait for an update to place a checkpoint flag, and you can even drag and drop actual slopes in Super Mario Maker 2.

With five game styles, a bevy of themes, a bunch of cool Mii Maker outfits, and plenty of placeable features, you already have more than enough options at your disposal. But if you want the complete toolkit, you’ll need to spend time in Story Mode to unlock two rather cool Mario power-ups: The Super Hammer and Superball Flower.

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Unlockable 1: Super Hammer

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The Super Hammer is unlocked after completing the story mode. You don’t need to finish all of the Story Mode levels, but you do need to finish rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle. Expect to play around 60 solo courses to “finish” story mode and see the credits.

The Super Hammer can only be used when building courses in the Super Mario 3D World style. It’s a pretty neat power-up, though. When Mario has the hammer, he can both build and break. Mario can smash all sorts of blocks, including standard blocks, stone blocks, ice blocks, and question mark blocks. The hammer also kills a bunch of different enemies with one swing.

The Super Hammer can also be used to create M blocks (Mario blocks). You can have five blocks on screen at one time. Once you eclipse five, the first block you created will vanish. Adding Super Hammer to your level can help you create new platforming sections that rely on the powers of Mario’s trusty builder hammer.

Unlockable 2: Superball Flower

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The Superball Flower is basically the Fire Flower on steroids. Hailing from the Game Boy classic Super Mario Land, this neat little Easter Egg can be unlocked by helping out the Toads around the castle. Once unlocked, the Superball Flower can only be used in levels designed in the Super Mario Bros. style.

As you work through jobs in Story Mode, more Toads will arrive in and around the castle. You’re looking for Purple Toad. At first, Purple Toad will be just right of the castle standing next to a sleeping Yellow Toad. Purple Toad will ask you to wake up Yellow Toad by completing the level: “POW Block Wake-Up Call!”

After completing that level, you’ll have to complete three levels for Yellow Toad: “Buried Stones,” “Cat-Scratch Stone,” and “Stone from the River.” Note: you can complete a separate job for Purple Toad first, but you’ll have to come back and complete these three to trigger the level that unlocks Superball Flower.

Once that’s done, head west of the castle to meet back up with Purple Toad, who will be standing in front of green warp pipe guarded by a Piranha. Complete “Piranha Creeper Squash” to clear the way.

With those five levels completed, Purple Toad will offer the job: “Spiny Shell Smashers.” After you reach the flag, Toad will break away the hard blocks with a Spiny Shell. Hit the middle question mark block to get the Superball Flower power-up.

The Superball Flower can be used in Maker mode by inserting a Fire Flower and then holding down on it (to change to the Superball version). Superball Flower flings a fast-moving fireball into the ground that will bounce off of walls and objects.

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