Super Mario Maker update lets you queue up levels on the go

Super Mario Maker is one of the Wii U’s best games, and it helps to remind us why we hold Nintendo in such high esteem as a developer. It also reminds us, however, how piss-poor the company’s online infrastructure is, as finding a specific level usually requires entering a code on your GamePad. But in just a few days, an update is going to make that process a little less painful.

On December 21, Nintendo will launch “Super Mario Maker Bookmark,” a service that allows you to search for levels on your PC or mobile device so that you can queue them up to play when you get back home to your Wii U.

The Bookmark site uses the Nintendo Network ID system to link information between your various devices, and Nintendo says that the service will also allow you to search using specific tags, which will be perfect for the weirdos who like to play “DON’T MOVE” levels over and over again.

At the same time that the Bookmark site launches, a new update will also be adding a few features to Super Mario Maker, including P Warp Doors (“only visible while a P Switch is active”), and Bumpers, which appear to function much like music blocks. The update also adds world records for each course, showing you the “fastest clear time” in addition to the clear rate that was previously available.

This isn’t the first major update to come to Super Mario Maker. Just last month, the game added much-needed checkpoints, as well as a “progressive power-up system,” which makes things slightly harder by ensuring you collect a regular Super Mushroom before getting better items like the Fire Flower and the cape. I’m still hope that the developers decide to add in Super Mario Bros. 2 support, but that’s probably just a beautiful dream.

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