Latest ‘Super Mario Run’ update will help get you into the holiday spirit

The holiday season is in full swing, and virtually everyone and everything is getting into the Christmas spirit. That includes Super Mario Run, which just received an update that will have you singing carols and ice skating in no time.

Open up Super Mario Run, and you’ll be greeted with a number of different cosmetic decorations to transform your Mushroom Kingdom into a yuletide wonderland, as well as a new mode that lets you practice against your friends’ scores.

Beautiful poinsettias are now available to place throughout your kingdom, adding a little extra holiday cheer among the dozens of Toad houses and pipes you’ve already placed. They cost 500 coins each, which is a tiny sum given how generous Super Mario Run is with its currency.

The next Christmas-themed item is, naturally, a tree. The “sparkly Christmas tree” is a bright blue rather than green, and comes with a selection of presents underneath. It’ll set you back 1,500 coins, and for that price, we’re hoping there are a few NES Classic systems hidden inside.

Last, but certainly not least, is the “sparkly snow globe,” which has Mario imprisoned — he doesn’t seem to mind, however, as he looks as cheerful as always. The globe can’t be purchased with coins. Instead, players must have acquired a small number of blue, purple, and yellow Toads during their time in the Toad Rally mode. Recruiting the little guys to join your kingdom isn’t particularly challenging, especially if you choose your races based on which color Toads are going to be cheering you on.

Speaking of Toad Rally, the game’s latest update also adds a new “Friendly Run” option. This new feature lets you challenge your friends’ Toad Rally scores without having to spend any of your rally tickets. The mode won’t earn you any coins or extra Toads and is only playable a few times per day, but you can increase this number by making your way through the single-player World Tour mode.

Super Mario Run isn’t exactly the most robust game on the App Store, but we’re having a lot of fun controlling Mario on our phones and tablets.

Updated on 12-22-2016 by Gabe Gurwin: Added information on “Friendly Run” mode.


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