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You can now preregister for 'Super Mario Run' on Android

Super Mario Run has been tearing up the App Store’s charts over the past several weeks, but if you’re on Android, you’re still unable to play Mario’s latest platforming adventure. It appears that will soon change, however, as the game is now available for preregistration on Google Play.

It’s unclear just how long Nintendo plans to wait before releasing the overall-wearing plumber onto Android devices, but if the game’s iOS release is anything to go by, it could still be a few months. After Super Mario Run was originally announced on Apple’s platform, players were able to sign up for a notification so that they could play the game the second it went live.

By October, 20 million people had already registered, but the game didn’t release for another two months. Since then, it has gone into the record books, becoming the fastest-growing app of all time with more than 50 million total (or should we say “Toad-al”?) downloads.

While simple and lacking the exploration element that makes the traditional Super Mario games so much fun to play, Super Mario Run does an admirable job of transitioning the game’s platforming to a touchscreen, complete with classic enemies like Koopa Troops, Bullet Bills, and, of course, Bowser.

A “Toad Rally” mode also lets you compete against players’ times from all around the world, and recent updates have also added a less-stressful option for competing against friends’ high scores, as well as aesthetic additions that let you design your own Mushroom Kingdom as a festive winter wonderland.

But if you’re waiting for the next full-fledged Mario title, it doesn’t look like you’ll be waiting much longer, either. Footage shown during the Nintendo Switch’s reveal event appeared to feature a new 3D Mario title. We haven’t seen a proper Mario platformer since Super Mario 3D World launched on the Wii U, and we’re extremely eager to see what Nintendo has in store for his next adventure.

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