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Play as Princess Daisy and explore a new world in ‘Super Mario Run’ update

princess daisy
Although Mario’s princess may be in another castle, soon she will break free as a playable character in the new mobile game. A substantial update is coming to the run-n-jump platformer Super Mario Run, including a playable Princess Daisy, a new world to explore, and a challenging new game mode. According to a post on the Apple App Store, the free update will be available for iOS and Android on September 29.

Super Mario Run is about to celebrate its first birthday, and it marks the iconic plumber’s first excursion on a non-Nintendo platform, and although he may have recently changed occupations, the game set sales records when it first launched in 2016, beating out Pokémon Go with 40 million downloads in just the first four days.

A new #SuperMarioRun update arrives 29/09, including a new world, new mode, new playable character, and more!

— Nintendo UK (@NintendoUK) September 23, 2017

With Daisy added to the roster of sprinters, the number of playable characters bumps up to seven. You’ll have to rescue Daisy by playing the new Remix 10 mode, a frenzied challenge that randomly links ten bite-sized sections of existing levels together, strewn with bonus medals that reward you with new items to decorate your kingdom. Remix 10 will deliver a new sequence every run, and after collecting enough Rainbow Medals you’ll unlock Princess Daisy as a playable character.

With her double-jump ability, you’ll be able to score many of the hard-to-reach coins, as well as opening up new tactics for the Toad Rally mode.

The update also adds a brand-new area to explore named World Star, which consists of nine new levels. You can unlock World Star after completing worlds one through six. Nintendo promises some new challenges for even veteran Super Mario Run players in World Star.

The update also adds a soundtrack option, letting you play your favorite music in the background while racing through the different stages. You’ll notice that Mario and his pals are all wearing headphones when you choose to enjoy your own tunes rather than the game soundtrack.

If you’re new to Super Mario Run and want some tips to get started, we’ve got you covered. You can try a free trial version, and if you want to play the full game it will be half-price between September 29 – October 12.

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