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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard to the roster

The next fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goes live today. In addition to Terry Bogard from SNK’s fighting series Fatal Fury joining the fray, a new and unique stage will also debut, which includes special ring-out rules and original music.

Prior to his inclusion to the roster, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s game director Masahiro Sakurai hosted a livestream on Wednesday, showing off some of Terry’s abilities, moves, and his Final Smash.

As you might have guessed, Terry Bogard has a ton of moves at his disposal; however, his biggest strength becomes available once his damage reaches over 100 % or less than 30% in stamina battles. Once his damage reaches that particular point, players can unleash Terry’s Super Special Moves. These special abilities serve as a high-risk, high-reward series of attacks, that can shift the momentum of a match, especially if you are trailing.

Sakurai also gave fans a first look at the new King of Fighters-themed stage titled King of Fighters Stadium. What’s interesting about this stage is that its edges are walled off. So, if you are interested in knocking out your opponent, you will need to keep pushing them to the wall until they eventually go through the wall.  Along with the new stage, 50 new tracks have been added to the game. The new tracks come from several SNK properties, including Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, and Samurai Shodown. On top of that, various cameos from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters also appear in the background of the stage.

Players interested in picking up the new fighter and stage must purchase Challenger Pack 4, which will set you back $5. Or, if you are interested in snagging the other DLC fighters such as Joker from the Persona series or the Hero from Dragon Quest, you can purchase the Fighters Pass for $25.

Additionally, the livestream introduced five new Mii costumes in the form of Mii Fighter Costumes – Round 4 for 75 cents each. Some of the new costumes include characters from King of Fighters and Virtua Fighter franchises.

Lastly, Sakurai also announced that three new Amiibos (Chrom, Incineroar, and Simon) would be released on November 15.

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