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Time-warping FPS Superhot coming to Xbox One in May

Time-bending first-person shooter Superhot will make its Xbox One debut on May 3rd, following up on its February launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms via Steam.

The Xbox One edition of Superhot was recently the focal point of Team Superhot’s development efforts, and the studio will move on to experimenting within the realm of VR following next week’s release.

Superhot is a uniquely themed first-person shooter in which time flows only while the player is in motion. Players can remain stationary in order to freeze time at any point during gameplay, immobilizing enemy attackers and freezing their bullets in mid-air.

While time is frozen, players can formulate an alternate plan of attack to catch their pursuers off-guard. Superhot‘s levels are also filled with environmental objects and weapons that can be chained together for a series of fluid, stylish kills.

While Superhot‘s gameplay encourages careful thought, experienced players can blaze through each of its included levels in record time and show off their best efforts via the replay-sharing site Killstagram. Recorded replays eliminate segments in which players stop time, with cinematic results.

In addition to its core single-player campaign, Superhot also includes a survival-based Endless mode and a Challenge mode in which players must rely entirely on hand-to-hand combat. Additional modes and features will roll out as free updates in the coming months.

Superhot was initially funded via Kickstarter, where it earned over $250,000 in backer pledges after fans embraced the prototype. After spending more than 30 months in development, the finished product debuted for the PlayStation 4 and PCs in February.

Developer Superhot Team recently confirmed that a VR version of Superhot is in the works. Other than vaguely outlining its “grand VR plans,” however, the studio has not revealed details or target platforms for Superhot‘s upcoming VR debut.

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