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'System Shock 3' is being published by Starbreeze, will likely come to consoles

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It’s been over a year since OtherSide Entertainment confirmed that work had begun on System Shock 3, a new installment in the hugely influential series of first-person shooters. Now, the developer of Payday 2, Starbreeze Studios, has announced that it will publish the game.

Starbreeze certainly seems to be targeting long-dormant franchises as it expands its publishing efforts. In February 2016, the studio revealed that it had inked a deal with Double Fine Productions to to serve as publisher for Psychonauts 2 when the game comes to consoles and the PC.

We already know that System Shock 3 will be helmed by the first game’s producer, Warren Spector, and will once again feature the vocal talents of Terri Brosius as its iconic villain, the artificial intelligence known as Shodan. However, today’s announcement also revealed that the sequel will be released on other platforms as well as the PC.

While no specifics were announced, it seems reasonable to expect that the “other platforms” in question are the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. When pressed, Starbreeze simply stated that “other platforms are pending,” and told fans to watch out for more details, according to a report from Gamespot.

It would make sense for the sequel to hit the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as those systems are set to receive a remake of the original System Shock some time in 2018. No release date for System Shock 3 has been issued, but it’s likely to drop sometime after the remake is released.

The System Shock franchise was critically lauded back in the 1990s, but it remains to be seen whether mainstream audiences will respond to its revival. The series had a major impact on games ranging from BioShock to Half-Life, but it’s not particularly well known among today’s crop of gamers.

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