Taiwanese animation takes on Nintendo revenue report

taiwanese animation takes on nintendo revenue report nma tv marioThe news that Nintendo is predicting a rare loss in revenue didn’t escape NMA TV, the Taiwanese animation team that has a knack for crafting absurd, animated reports on the world’s headline stories.

This time around, Mario gets the brunt of NMA’s bizarre spin on the news, falling victim to a toppling Gameboy and crying a steady stream of tears as the news team’s “anchors” describe Nintendo’s recent announcement that a loss of 65 billion yen (around $839 million) is expected for the fiscal year. The video also features a scene of businessmen carrying Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 mercilessly beating an avatar of Nintendo after deflecting the turtle shells he launched at them.

Oh, and we also get to see Mario using a vacuum to suck money out of a bunch of old people while they play the Nintendo Wii, and a Nintendo 3DS user vomiting into a garbage can after the game’s 3D graphics made him ill.

As the report notes, however, things could turn around for Nintendo with the upcoming release of the Wii U, the company’s next-generation console.

Here’s the video in all of its amazingly weird glory: