Boost your hunters in Evolve while puzzling on the go with Evolve: Hunters Quest

take hunt go evolve match 3 mobile game hunters quest

Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios’ hotly anticipated monster vs. hunters multiplayer game, now has a free mobile companion game, Evolve: Hunters Quest. The game is available now for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Hunters Quest looks like a typical match-3 game, with players swiping icons around to create and clear matching lines of three or more. Chaining together combos of cascading matches powers up special abilities for your hunters to use, much like in match-3 games such as Marvel Puzzle Quest.

What makes Hunters Quest stand out from its peers is a direct connection to Evolve. Playing Hunters Quest earns you Mastery Boosts that can be applied to your hunters in the main game. You can also unlock special badges for Evolve by completing special objectives in Hunters Quest.

Once Evolve arrives, Hunters Quest will gain a whole new suite of features to help you track your stats in the main game. Detailed statistics, global rankings, and top-down replays of your last ten games will be stored on your my2K profile and accessible on the go through Hunters Quest.

Evolve arrives on February 10 for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. Hunters Quest is available for free now on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.