Take a peek at the new ‘Glacier White’ Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle

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Destiny‘s September 9, 2014 release was joined this week by a new PlayStation 4 bundle from Sony. While it includes a copy of the game, that’s actually not the most exciting thing in the package. No, that distinction belongs to the console itself. It’s white. Glacier White, to use Sony’s designation. It doesn’t make any special noises, nor does it bear any Destiny branding. It is literally a white PS4 console, with a glossy sheen on one side and more of a matte texture on the other, just like the standard black PS4.

There’s also a white DualShock 4, and a pretty snazzy one too with black face/trigger buttons and analog sticks offsetting the all-white body nicely. Like the console, it doesn’t do anything differently. It’s just a new paint job. If you got a PS4 for yourself at or after launch, this is the same machine with the same 500GB hard drive inside it. There’s no upgrade here, unless you want something shiny and not-black to stand out in your gear-filled entertainment center.

Take a look at the video above and watch as Digital Trends Gaming Editor Adam Rosenberg tears open the box for a closer look at the freshly repainted console.