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Team Bondi game IP and assets will reportedly be acquired by George Miller’s KMM

L.A. Noire Line Up

Last week we brought you word of a rumor that L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi was in discussions with Mad Max creator George Miller’s company for some kind of acquisition. Those rumors picked up steam today with a report from Develop stating that a deal is indeed going through, with the film company taking possession of the game studio’s IP and assets.

This comes from sources “close to the matter,” so the following details aren’t necessarily a done deal or even a reflection of the reality of this situation. All Bondi employees have reportedly been offered jobs at KMM, including Noire director Brendan McNamara, who was at the center of a scandal following the game’s release in which former studio staffers raised allegations of harsh and unfair working conditions during the Rockstar-published game’s development.

Last week’s report mentioned that McNamara had recently been sighted touring the offices of KMM, which in turn fed much of the speculation about a possible acquisition. Should the Noire director join KMM, it’s likely that he won’t receive the warmest of welcomes from his new co-workers, as some of those disgruntled former Bondi staffers ended up there.

A KMM acquisition of the studio wouldn’t include Noire, as Rockstar owns the rights to that property. It’s not even clear if the Bondi veterans will be working on game development or if their skills will be put to use in other areas.

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