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Team Meat brings new Super Meat Boy to iPhone

Team Meat cares not for you high blood pressure! It wants you to have more meat, and it wants you to have that meat wherever you go. The cruel creators behind 2010’s excellent, vicious platformer Super Meat Boy have been trying to find a way to bring their game to the iPhone for some time, but there’s been a problem: It’s impossible. Super Meat Boy is, as they put it, “a twitch platformer with precision controls.” A touch screen interface simply can’t accommodate it. So rather than port the sucker, Team Meat’s taking the difficult route by making a whole new Meat Boy game altogether.

Co-creator Edmund McMillen announced Super Meat Boy: The Game for iPhone on Team Meat’s blog on Saturday, showing off the pictured screen as a sample of the game’s new art style. He promised that the game is not “the Super Meat Boy you’re used to.” Though it will share superficial characteristics, all the art, sound, and play will be original.

Knowing Team Meat, Super Meat Boy: The Game will be hatefully difficult. The original is one of the most punishing games around. It also happens to be delightful.

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