Tear windows into other worlds in this new BioShock Infinite video

tear windows into other worlds in this new bioshock infinite video bi elizabethWhen Irrational Games showed off BioShock Infinite at this year’s E3, it blew us away. The demo was action-packed and showed off several of the new features in the game, including the skyrail, which you can use to quickly move throughout the floating city of Columbia. There was a massive firefight against an armed blimp, and plenty of enemies to sacrifice their lives at the altar of gaming. But one of the weirder moments involved the girl, Elizabeth, and her psychic powers.

Located throughout Columbia are tears, represented by shimmering glimpses of intangible objects. Sometimes these objects are things like carts and mounted weapons, but sometimes the tears are more. In the demo we saw, part of which is shown below, Elizabeth is attempting to use her power to bring a horse back to life. She is still new to it though, but it goes out of control, pulling DeWitt and Elizabeth into a different world where Revenge of the Jedi was playing, which signified a parallel or alternative world. Maybe in that world the Ewoks were never created. We can dream.

In the video below, Ken Levine discusses some of the rationale behind the tears, which have some foundation in the theories of Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck and other scientists active during the time frame of the game, which is set in 1912.

Check out the video below and look for more of the mystery of BioShock Infinite to unravel when it is released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in Q2 of 2012.