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Tecmo Shows Off Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Quantum, and Undead Knights

Tecmo Shows Off Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Quantum, and Undead Knights

You can start reading Tecmo’s E3 brochure from either the dark cover or the light cover, depending on whether you’re looking for family games or mature titles. While we’re sure Family Football for Wii is a winner, we started on the black side, and did the same when it came time to check out booth demos. Bring on the blood.

Undead Knights for PSP tops our list of entertaining titles spotted at the booth. In it, you take control a knight betrayed by his king, who takes charge of an army of zombies to seek his revenge. As you slice and bash your way through his minions, you’ll be able to turn them to your side, creating your own mob that can help you with everything from combat to unique challenges like building bridges. Any game that lets you build a bridge of homemade zombies is alright by us, and the whimsical nature of the tasks you can enlist them for definitely adds an endearing edge of humor to the otherwise dark game. It will come out in the fall.

A pumped-up destroyer known as Syd takes the lead role in Quantum, an artistically styled shooter that follows him on his attempt to take down one of the towers that has been sprouting up around the world. The “why” behind the quest is only revealed through the gameplay, but along the way, he encounters Filena, a fairy-like female warrior who combines with Syd to perform unique attacks – like getting whipped into enemies by Syd’s massive arm. The game’s engrossing architecture, which is actually living and changes as you go, might be its most fascinating feature, especially alongside the similarly styled mythical creatures that inhabit it. It’s currently on track for a release some time in 2010.

Finally, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma brings the existing Ninja Gaiden 2 title to the Playstation 3, with a few additions that make it worthy of its own name. That includes three new playable female characters to complement Ryu Hayabusa, their own suite of weapons and abilities, plus online cooperative play. It will ship in the fall.

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