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Tetris Beat is a live service rhythm game coming to Apple Arcade

Developer and publisher N3TWORK has released a trailer for Tetris Beat, an upcoming mobile game that fuses rhythm game elements and classic Tetris block-clearing gameplay. The game will be available on Apple Arcade and will feature “exclusive music” from a variety of artists, and new music will be added every month.

Tetris® Beat - Coming Soon to Apple Arcade!

Tetris Beat doesn’t have a release date yet, but N3TWORK promises that the game is coming soon.

As shown in the trailer, Tetris Beat builds on the usual Tetris experience with three different modes, each of which has its own objectives. Players score points by dropping and rotating Tetriminos to the beat to form combos and increase their score. Tap allows players to pick the best Tetrimino to drop in any given location in time to music. Drop requires players to rotate and drop Tetriminos in a similar way, encouraging them to follow the beat of their song.

A player chains a 15-beat combo in Tetris Beat.

Marathon mode features more traditional endless Tetris gameplay and includes split-screen versus play on Apple TV. Each mode has three difficulty levels and there are a variety of real time-based missions. There are online leaderboards for each song to encourage competition.

The game will feature exclusive music from a variety of artists, including Alison Wonderland, Hannah Diamon, Octo Octa, and more, with 18 songs available at launch. N3TWORK says the game’s music will be mostly dance, hip hop, and pop, and new songs will be added each month. The game will support physical controllers and spatial audio for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

Tetris Beat will be available soon on Apple Arcade (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV).

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