The $ 1 million Call of Duty Championship begins: Day 1 coverage

CoD ChampionshipsThere is an arena in Hollywood right now that is filled with some of the most profane language ever uttered by a mammal. That sort of goes with the territory when it comes to competitive gaming events – sometimes it stems from pure frustration, but often it is a strategy. Hurling insults that would make a nun burst into flame in despair is par for the course, and when there is $1 million prize purse on the line, the stakes are even higher.

Presented by Xbox, the Call of Duty Championships are officially under way, and 32 teams will compete throughout the weekend for a piece of the purse. The final match will be streamed to Xbox 360s this Sunday at 3pm PST, but in the meantime, check back with us for daily updates. Check out the video below for the official recap of the first day of competition. 

[Update]: It has been brought to our attention that the tongue-in-cheek opening paragraph describing the behavior at the CoD Championships was not representative of the event. The stereotype of the angry, rage filled gamer has its roots in reality, but in this case it was unfair to cast that light without cause. From all appearances the event has run with a remarkable level of smoothness, and the MLG is working hard to shake that stereotype. So please note that the opening statement was meant as a joke and not a representation of the actual event.