Castle Crashers developer’s next game is Pit People

the behemoth announces pit people pitpeople reveal header

After promoting its next project under the working title “Game 4” over the last year, Castle Crashers studio The Behemoth has officially christened its upcoming strategy game Pit People, noting that development shifted dramatically since its initial unveiling.

Pit People is a turn-based strategy game that takes place atop a hexagonal grid, challenging players to fend off enemy armies using limited resources. Different enemy types are weak against specific attacks, and players must leverage their own army’s strengths in order to decimate the opposition as quickly as possible.

Pit People represents a departure for developer The Behemoth, which has historically focused on action-oriented titles. The studio first found success at Flash game portal Newgrounds with the side-scrolling run-and-gun shooter Alien Hominid, which later made its way to consoles and Xbox Live Arcade.

The Behemoth’s second major project Castle Crashers was a critical and commercial success, selling nearly 3 million copies across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms via Steam. Incorporating elements from the beat-’em-up genre and bolstered by The Behemoth’s trademark cartoonish style, Castle Crashers saw multiple upgrades and DLC expansions in the years after its initial release. The studio recently announced that a remastered edition is in the works for the Xbox One.

After the 2013 launch of its co-op platformer Battleblock Theater, The Behemoth began development of its then-untitled “Game 4,” testing out a work-in-progress version on audiences at PAX Prime and E3 in 2014. The game’s previous public appearances showcased an unusual control setup consisting of a bizarrely-shaped lever, a ball-top joystick, and a giant “confirm” button, though the game’s final release will likely be scaled back to accommodate console controllers.

Few other details regarding Pit People have been announced at this point, and target platforms are not yet known. A release date has not been confirmed.