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How to get into The Division 2 open beta

Here's how you can get into The Division 2 open beta this weekend

The Division 2 will be launching into open beta from March 1 to March 5, offering players a small chunk of the upcoming third-person shooter. It will include some of the same content as the private beta from a couple of weeks ago with some new content added in, but this time it will be available to everyone on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s how to get into The Division 2 open beta on each platform, what you need to do if you were part of the private beta, and what content the open beta will include.

How to get into The Division 2 open beta (PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

The Division 2 Hands-on Preview

Unlike the private beta back in February, the open beta is available to all PS4, Xbox One, and PC users. On all platforms, it starts on March 1 at 1 a.m. PT and ends March 5 at 1 a.m. PT. That means you have four full days to try all of the beta’s content.

Before you download the beta, you need to ensure that you have around 50 GB of storage space. Yes, despite being just a small chunk of the experience, The Division 2‘s beta file size is what you’d expect from a full AAA game. That also means it will take some time, possibly a lot of time, to download. If you want to start playing right when the beta unlocks, you should definitely pre-load it. Pre-loading has already started.

Here are links to the open beta on each platform:

We had a bit of trouble finding the beta while searching on the PlayStation Store, so it might be easier to sign into your account in a web browser and add the beta to your downloads. The next time you turn your console on, it should start downloading automatically.

Private beta players need an update file

If you had the opportunity to check out the private beta and kept the file installed, you only need to download an update file. On PS4, the update was 12 GB. Unfortunately, private beta progress does not transfer to the open beta, so you’ll be replaying the missions that you already completed.

What’s in The Division 2 open beta?

The Division 2 Hands-on Preview

The open beta has three main story missions, five side missions, and various open world activities. Save for the third story mission, the open beta content is largely the same as the private beta. You can wade into one of the new Dark Zone areas for PvP and PvE action, as well as play a PvP multiplayer mode called Skirmish on multiple maps. The endgame mission, dubbed Invaded, is also available. Invaded lets you play as one of the three endgame specializations. The level cap is eight in the open beta. As you level up, you’ll get to try four of the skills, including a new addition not seen in the private beta: the Chem Launcher.

While you wait for the open beta to unlock, you can read our thoughts on the private beta. And for every detail you could possibly want to know about The Division 2, check out our comprehensive roundup.

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