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Get ready to raid: free Incursions DLC arrives for The Division on April 12

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Before The Division even launched, Ubisoft promised that it would fairly quickly follow up with two pieces of free DLC. The company gave a vague idea of when these would arrive, but now it has said when the first of these add-ons will hit, and it’s not all that far off.

The DLC, titled Incursions, will hit on April 12, Ubisoft revealed yesterday. While the titular Incursion — The Division‘s name for raids — is the key feature of the DLC, it also packs in plenty of other content that we can hope will keep players busy until the next piece of DLC arrives.

In order to help players get up to snuff for the Incursion, new gear has been added, including four sets: Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority. Each of these sets of gear caters to a specific play style, and finding and equipping four pieces from one set will unlock a new talent for players’ Agents, but Ubisoft is keeping mum on what exactly this is so far.

The Agent level remains capped at 30, but now a player’s gear score can continue to boost their abilities even at the level cap. Ubisoft touts this as “a new way of leveling up for top-level players,” and it will likely be essential for those looking to tackle The Division‘s first Incursion.

Speaking of which, the Incursion is called Falcon Lost, and is set in a brand new area, an underground water-treatment facility that has been taken over by the Last Man Battalion. This has two difficulty levels: Hard, which is recommended for players whose gear score is equivalent to level 31, and Challenge mode, which Ubisoft says is even tougher.

Adding to the difficulty, there are no checkpoints to be found in Falcon Lost, so if your team bites the dust, you’ll need to start over from the beginning. This isn’t the only reason players will likely see the Incursion through multiple times though, as Ubisoft says that no matter how many times players go through Falcon Lost, they’ll still see new loot rewards.

Other new features include player loot trading and the ability to camera-follow teammates when your Agent dies, acting as another set of eyes. New things to do have been added as well, with Assignments serving as bite-sized side objectives that earn players rewards, and supply drops falling from the sky inside the Dark Zone, giving groups of players a reason to battle it out.

No date has been announced for the next free update, but it will be titled Conflict, and will add another Incursion that sees players venturing into Columbus Circle. Three paid expansions, Underground, Survival, and Last Stand, are also on the way as well, which will add new areas and hopefully new enemy types.

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