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Ubisoft celebrates The Division’s Incursions with a launch trailer

Tom Clancy‘s The Division has finally received its first true endgame content in the form of the (not) raid missions dubbed “Incursions.” To get players up to speed on the story so far and the reason for jumping into a squad to tackle new missions, Ubisoft has accompanied the update with a new trailer.

“We’ve received reports from the JTF indicating LMB movement in the WarrenGate Water Treatment Plant,” the narrator states. “HQ are pushing to bomb the site, but this plant is vital for the recovery of New York. Falcon Squad was sent to scout the area, but they’ve gone dark.”

Given the title of the first Incursion, “Falcon Lost,” this line seems especially fitting.

As we previously reported, the new update also gives players the ability to trade loot with their teammates, and this looks to be as simple as dropping an item on the ground and letting your friend pick it up. Given the difficulty of Incursions, this should eliminate the frustration of failing to receive loot drops that plagues many other online games.

The trailer also gives a brief look at the new activities you’ll be doing in the Dark Zone. No longer will you simply walk the streets looking for rogue agents to kill: uncontaminated supply drops will be sent into the PvP area, setting up enormous firefights where everyone suddenly becomes an enemy.

These are being sent by “Strategic Homeland Defense,” but it has still not been made clear just why so many Division agents have decided to start attacking each other to receive the best loot. A narrative conceit could be that certain players are themselves members of the LMB, or “Last Man Battalion,” but as they’re the enemy in Falcon Lost, this doesn’t hold too much water.

Are you ready to jump back into The Division, or has it already run its course? Let us know in the comments!

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