The Elder Scrolls V is on the way

the elder scrolls v is on way pc shiveringi s3

Fans that sacrificed dozens of hours of their free time to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion— as well as  “The Shivering Isles” expansion that came out after it—rejoice! Bethesda is hard at work on a fifth Elder Scrolls title that will be a chronological sequel to the previous game. In other words, the game will not be a prequel or an expansion, but a true entry into the Elder Scrolls series.

It always seemed inevitable that the 16 year old series would return, especially following the accolades and commercial success of the previous game, but as the years have crept by Bethesda has remained tight lipped about a fifth title. Following the success of Fallout  3 which was followed quickly by another hit in Fallout: New Vegas, it seemed like Bethesda had other priorities, including the upcoming FPS Brink, and the chances of seeing Elder scrolls V any time soon began to look slimmer.

According to a report from Eurogamer Denmark (and then translated by the Eurogamer UK branch), a source has confirmed that the game is already in production, and that it is far enough along to soon move to recording the voice actors.

The report also claimed that the game will be a chronological sequel to Elder Scrolls IV, but whether or not that means it will be set immediately after the events of Oblivion, or just after the events in a later time period is unknown.

The report also clarifies something Bethesda had let slip back in August- that 90 members of its team had been working on a classified game for nearly two years. If that game is The Elder Scrolls V—which it appears that it is—it is sounding more and more like the next Elder Scrolls will be coming out sooner than anyone anticipated, perhaps no later than Fall of 2011 after it has had time to be displayed properly at E3 next summer. Plus, Bethesda has seen a huge amount of success with October releases of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, so October seems like a likely release target. Of course, that is all guesswork, and Bethesda could decide to take the Blizzard route and release it whenever they feel like it.

More news on this when Bethesda decides to confirm the development of the game.