The Great Gatsby gets the Nintendo treatment

gatsbyIf there were ever a book might not need a video game version, it’s The Great Gatsby. Nonetheless, an NES version of Nick Carraway’s dramatic search for mystery-shrouded Jay Gatsby has surfaced. Suffice it to say that the real emotion behind the novel can’t quite be communicated in the limited amount of pixels the game uses, but it’s sure a good Tetris-alternative when it comes to killing time.

The game is now available online, but was supposedly originally found at a garage sale for 50 cents. The lucky discoverer also includes an alleged print ad for the NES game, but most game blogs aren’t convinced those are the games true origins (and neither are we). It’s more likely some talented Nintendo fanboy(s) with a passion for American literature, or maybe just satire crafted the game for the Internet. Either way, it’s definitely getting some attention.

g_gatsby-ad-scannedPlayers have to guide Nick Carraway through the trials and tribulations of West Egg, which include the likes of Boxcar Bill, flappers, and Dutchman. We’d be offended by the “I found hidden treasure at a yard sale!” scheme if it didn’t pay such excellent and accurate homage to 8-bit Nintendo games. Check it out for yourself.