The Sims 2 Comes to Verizon Phones

Sims on your cell phone? That’s the plan Verizon and Electronics Arts were cooking up as they announced yesterday two versions of The Sims 2 which are available for immediate download on select “Get It Now” enabled phones. The mobile Sims 2 version will in many ways mirror the experience PC gamers currently enjoy.

The Sims 2 Connected Edition, said EA and Verizon, allows players to download content from their Sims PC game directly to their wireless phones. The more basic Sims 2 offers classic Sims gameplay that allows players to “satisfy their Sims’ daily wants, needs and demands by growing their Sims’ career skills, buying their Sims special home furnishings and developing relationships with other Sims.”

The Sims 2 Connected Edition will cost $4.99 monthly access or $9.99 for unlimited use purchase and The Sims 2 will run for $3.99 monthly access or $7.99 unlimited use purchase.