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‘The Technomancer’ E3 trailer shows off brutal combat and a Mad Max-style Mars

[E3 2016] The Technomancer - E3 Trailer
Spider Studios’ The Technomancer is only a few weeks away, but the studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released an E3 trailer to drum up some extra excitement before the game’s release. In addition to showing off the game’s desolate yet mesmerizing Mars setting and some close-quarters combat, we also hear a familiar voice.

“You wonder why Technomancers are degenerates? We are all in-breds … did I mention the fact that we are also used as war weapons?” the narrator asks, while sounding suspiciously like gaming’s leading man, Troy Baker. “People here are naive, content, and perfectly happy. Maybe I am a little more outspoken than others, but what can I say? You were lucky you could leave your place of birth.”

As he speaks, a buggy rolls through the Red Planet’s dirt, and we see bones sticking up out of the ground. A shantytown built inside of a cave formation is filled with flying bat-like creatures, and a huge series of pipes carry supplies inside. Elsewhere, a deformed Martian has a mysterious blue liquid forcibly extracted from his head. If Mad Max were set on Mars, it would look an awful lot like The Technomancer.

The Technomancer puts more emphasis on melee attacks than other other sci-fi RPGs (such as the Mass Effect series), and the trailer shows off just how powerful your hero can become. A group of henchmen rush in on the attack, only for the Technomancer to slam down into the ground with a massive pulse of electricity. He then braces himself, holding what looks like a billy club filled with nails.

“Such is our world,” the narrator continues. “They’re pawns in a chess game played by imbeciles.”

Become the king when The Technomancer hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 28.

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