There’s a new Baldur’s Gate game in the works, and it’s coming in 2015

theres new baldurs gate game works coming 2015 baldur

A new chapter in the saga of Baldur’s Gate, built in the classic Infinity Engine, is in development at Beamdog, which published the recent Enhanced Editions of Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, and Icewind Dale on its digital distribution platform. The new adventure, with the working title “Adventure Y,” takes place between the events of the first and second game — a “pre-sequel,” to use the parlance of the Borderlands franchise.

Beamdog co-founder Trent Oster previously tweeted about Adventure Y in 2012 as “intimately linked to the Bhaalspawn [sic] storyline.” The Bhaalspawn, children of the evil god Bhaal, are central to the Baldur’s Gate story. A recent post on the company’s Beamblog made explicit the connection between Adventure Y and the seminal RPGs. The post promises more details about content and a release date this coming spring. It also links to a number of phone-snapped screenshots from the game’s development that were leaked to the Baldur’s Gate forum in October.

Baldur’s Gate originally came out in 1998, defining an era of computer role-playing games. It was the second game from developer BioWare, putting that studio on the map and starting a run of blockbuster RPGs like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age: Origins. Beamdog was launched as a digital distribution platform in 2010 by Oster, a BioWare co-founder, and Cameron Tofer, a former BioWare lead programmer. In 2012, Beamdog created Overhaul Games as its development division to build MDK2 HD, and that team went on to develop the three Infinity Engine RPG Enhanced Editions.

As for the prospect of Baldur’s Gate III and/or a game utilizing the new (and excellent) 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, don’t hold your breath.

“We’d be lying if we said we never think about doing a Baldur’s Gate III game, so we won’t say that. But we will say there’s nothing in the works yet regarding BGIII or a 5th edition game,” Oster said. The developer is running an office D&D 5E campaign, though, in anticipation of playing with the system at some point in the future.