Thor: God of Thunder video game trailer drops

thor god of thunder video game trailer drops

It is more or less inevitable these days–if you make a movie that has some form of superhero angle, a video game adaptation will soon follow. It doesn’t even have to be a comic book superhero, just any hero that does extraordinary things (Tron: Legacy and Harry Potter for example). Thor: God of Thunder is the most recent example of that trend, but certainly not the last. In fact, a Captain America game should be released about a month later.

Cashing in on the current Marvel tie-in bonanza that kicked off with Iron Man, Sega has taken on the duties of adapting the next round of Marvel games based on movies. In Thor: God of Thunder you take control of Thor in a standalone game that will connect to the movie, but also have its own storyline written by Matt Fraction, the award winning writer of the Thor comic series.

Sega has become the go-to company for Marvel’s video game movie adaptations following a deal between the two companies that has already produced unspectacular games based on Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. Following the release of Thor, Captain America: Super Soldier will be next sometime in July.

Check out the trailer which debuted this weekend at the VGAs, and look for Thor: God of Thunder to be released on all systems on March 3, 2011.