THQ sells You Don’t Know Jack, Amnesia publisher ValuSoft

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There are many easy metaphors that can be applied to THQ. It is a patient on life support. It is a struggling former champion who lands a few punches in a title fight before succumbing to exhaustion. Today it is more appropriate to say that THQ is a sinking ship, one that is now bailing out excess water in order to stay briefly afloat. The bailed water in this case is budget PC game publishing subsidiary ValuSoft.

THQ announced on Wednesday that it has sold ValuSoft to Cosmi, another publisher of budget software. “THQ’s product strategy is aligned to create and market high-quality video games for both consoles and PCs,” said THQ CEO Brian Ferrell, “With the transition of the ‘Value’ business to Cosmi, our internal resources are now focused on our core video game portfolio where we can drive the highest quality performance and execution for our games. This shift also presents a great, new opportunity for ValuSoft and its broad portfolio of products.”

While readers would be forgiven for not knowing some of ValuSoft’s broad portfolio of products like 18 Wheels of Steel and John Deere: Drive Green, the label has published some great PC games at retail in the past two years, including Amnesia: The Dark Descent and You Don’t Know Jack. Titles like that, while perhaps not lighting up PC retail sales charts, are crucial parts of THQ’s library in terms of quality.

Speaking of You Don’t Know Jack, here’s hoping that this deal won’t jeopardize the future of Jellyvision’s reborn series on consoles. Last year’s You Don’t Know Jack was one of the very best games of 2011.