THQ’s bankruptcy filing reveals new games from Darksiders, Assassin’s Creed creators

 darksiders 3

THQ will survive. Not thanks to the millions it raised during its recent sale alongside Humble Bundle, but thanks to the new deal it’s struck with the Clearlake Capital Group. The publisher behind Darksiders II and Saints Row The Third has entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, liquidating assets but keeping its core studios staffed and working on a number of games.

“Clearlake is even providing the company the money it needs to keep working on the products as the process plays itself out,” wrote THQ president Jason Rubin in a message on the publisher’s website Wednesday, “And importantly, when the purchase is complete, Clearlake has committed to invest additional ample capital to let us finish the games we are making and continue making games going forward. In short, they are investing in a new start for our company.”

Not much is known about what THQ has in production, though. Obsidian Entertainment is still plugging away on South Park: The Stick of Truth for THQ, while Volition is hard at work on Saints Row 4. THQ’s Chapter 11 filing reveals that the company has a number of other titles brewing in the background.

With Darksiders II complete and series mastermind Joe Madureira leaving the company, it’s unknown if studio Vigil will continue its tale of four apocalyptic horseman. It is, however, working on a game codenamed Crawler. This could be a codename of Darksiders III, but seeing as crawling isn’t a regular activity for the hulking protagonists in that series, it’s likely something new.

Company of Heroes creator Relic Entertainment is working on a 2014 title called Atlas. The company used to also work on Warhammer 40,000 games, but that license was recently acquired by Sega. Relic is planning to release Company of Heroes 2 in 2013. 

Former Valve studio Turtle Rock Studios is making a game called Evolve according to the filing. Turtle Rock announced that it was developing a game for THQ in 2011 but nothing has ever been shown. The group’s last title was Valve’s Left 4 Dead, which came out in 2008, though Turtle Rock did help with downloadable content for that game and its sequel.

Finally, THQ Montreal is working on a title called 1666. The publisher filed a trademark for the game earlier in 2012. THQ opened its Montreal studio in 2010 with Patrice Desilets, creative director of the first two Assassin’s Creed games, as its lead.

Soure: Polygon