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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 finally brings women into the EA Sports clubhouse

There are two kinds of changes that come to EA Sports’ annual simulators: Huge and miniscule. Either entirely new mechanics are introduced to the game fundamentally altering the way it plays as with NHL 08 or tiny changes to physics and roster updates tweak the game only barely from past entries as with Madden NFL 10. Either very, very subtle or not even vaguely subtle: That’s the EA way. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is a strange exception to the rule, though. It brings a  subtle but significant change to EA Sports. There are women in PGA Tour 14.

EA announced on Tuesday a list of features included in the new PGA Tour. The bullet points touted first in the press release are typical for any sports games, declaring a new mode where you face of against the greats of the past. In this case it’s golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. More notable is the point made halfway through the list is that PGA Tour 14 will feature the LPGA in its tour mode for the first time. It’s not the first time lady golfers have been available, but it is the first time that the actual LGPA tour has been part of one of the game’s key sim modes.

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“Female created golfers can now compete on the LGPA and attempt to become a major champion,” reads the release, “There are five playable LGPA golfers including 2012 Rolex Player of the Year Stacy Lewis.”

Gender equality in a sports title may seem like a small deal, but it’s significant for the future of EA’s sports titles. It’s unlikely that EA Tiburon will let you create a female player in Madden NFL 2014, but the shift could be significant in regards to its best-selling series, FIFA.

FIFA players have been calling for women’s soccer to be included in FIFA for some time now. A petition started by gamer Fernanda Shabarum on calling on EA to add female players was actually spotted and acknowledged by the company this past summer. FIFA executive producer David Rutter actually met with Shabarum to discuss the series saying it was “going to happen at some point.”

“Every year, a vast quantity of suggestions for inclusion comes into our studio,” Rutter told Kotaku in August, “We have to whittle it down to what we can make in one year. It’s a case of prioritizing what needs to be done, and then we do our best to knock it out of the park in whatever we’re doing. But [women in FIFA] is always something considered in some shape or form, and it’s not to say it won’t ever happen.”

Maybe less investment in alternative forms of monetization like Ultimate Team and more investment in representing a huge part of your audience next year, EA. PGA is a good start.

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EA Sports PGA Tour gets makeover with new name, Frostbite engine
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After announcing last fall that it would drop Tiger Woods as the namesake for its golf franchise, EA brought the next iteration of the series to E3 with a new name and a new look. EA Sports PGA Tour will be the first post-Tiger Woods golf game from the company and is being developed with the Frostbite 3 engine.
EA Sports skipped a 2014 release for its usually annually updated golf franchise, opting to focus on the next generation of the series. We got the first look at what changes are coming at E3 2014. In development for both the PS4 and Xbox One, EA Sports PGA Tour will utilize the Frostbite 3 engine, which has been used to power the biggest titles from EA's non-sports lineup including Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals. It will mark the first sports title to take advantage of the technology. 
EA also made note that the new direction of the franchise will include the standard, real life settings that players are accustomed to but will also move into the fantasy realm, allowing virtual golfers to shank shots over the top of battleships. 
EA Sports PGA Tour is expected to be available in spring of 2015.

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EA’s Dawngate promises MOBA fans a massive story
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At a press event held at E3 today, Electronic Arts showed off a trailer for a new multiplayer-focused title it currently has in development. Titled Dawngate, the multiplayer online battle area (MOBA) promises players a "massive" story arc that will provide the characters who populate the game an immersing background story.
Dawngate will be directed at hardcore MOBA gamers -- those who are intimately familiar with the DOTA franchise or League of Legends style games. In development from Waystone Games, Dawngate gameplay will feature two teams that consist of five Shapers, two lanes, and a jungle setting. Economic elements are also planned to be included in the game to increase strategic play styles. Players will grab loot drops. called Blessings, from friends and foes which will reward teamwork and solid sportsmanship.
Included in the Dawngate video was a section of the game's universe that will consist of reference information, aimed toward "bookish nerds" who are interested in the back story and history of the characters and worlds. Each map will include its own story arc that players participate in. EA hopes that it will create a rich and dynamic game world.
No release date information was provided, but gamers can sign up at the Dawngate website to join in the beta experience.

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