‘Titan’ may be the first new game for Respawn Entertainment and the creators of ‘Call of Duty’

Respawn Entertainment

E3 2013 is coming soon, promising closer looks at Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Next Xbox, and the many, many games that people will play on those machines. While titles like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Bungie’s Destiny, and Thief have already been announced for those machines – or “PS4 and other next-gen consoles” as is often the official case – people are still ravenous for information on what else is on the horizon. Titan may be the name for one of those anticipated games. That’s not a reference to Blizzard’s long-rumored new MMO, either. Titan may be the first next-gen game from the people that created Call of Duty.

Respawn Entertainment, the studio headed by Vincent Zampella and many of the other former members of Infinity Ward responsible for creating the Call of Duty series, filed a trademark for something called Titan on Thursday. As detailed by VG247, the trademark refers to “Video and computer game programs, video game discs, video game software.”

It’s been known since Zampella and his former partner Jason West – who left Respawn only recently – have been working with Electronic Arts on a new game series since the two left Activision in 2010. It was only in February that Zampella confirmed that the fruit of this collaboration with EA would be seen at E3 2013.