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First ‘Titanfall 2’ DLC arrives November 30 with a dose of nostalgia

Titanfall 2 is about to get even better with the launch of “Angel City’s Most Wanted,” a content update that brings a new map, weapon, and Titan kits, and it’s available absolutely free to everyone who owns the game.

On November 30, “Angel City’s Most Wanted” will introduce the return of one of the original Titanfall‘s most popular maps, “Angel City.” The map made use of wall-running and corridors to create tense firefights that frequently saw Titans cut off from their team and forced to fight multiple Titans, and with the changes to the shielding system in Titanfall 2, things should be even more challenging. The map will be available first for those who pre-ordered before releasing to everyone on December 3.

The update also adds the “Wingman Elite Pistol,” as well as new Titan kits to help you get the most out of your favorite mech. Ion’s “Refraction Lens” allows the Splitter Rifle to split in five directions, making it a much more effective tool for cleaning up infantry, while Scorch’s “Scorched Earth” kit ignites the ground to make the kit an even better crowd control choice. Tone even gets a new “Burst Loader” kit, allowing it to deal serious damage from afar.

On November 30, Titanfall 2 will also open an in-game store, but Respawn stresses that this will be only used for cosmetic items. New skins for weapons and Titans, new camouflage, and “Prime Titans” that function identically to their standard siblings will all be for sale.

One addition, though it may seem small in the scheme of things, has us very excited: a statistics screen. Titanfall 2 launched with no option to see how you performed aside from individual match reports, and the addition of detailed statistics should help to increase the competitive scene and keep people playing the game well into 2017. “Game mode twists” will also be released in a “semi-regular” manner to keep things fresh.

Titanfall 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s really, really good.

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