Titanfall survival guide: Strategies for every map

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Titanfall features 15 maps in all, spanning a diverse range of locations, geography, and environments. There are remote outposts, military facilities, ruins… really, all manner of colorful sci-fi locations for giant robots to duke it out in. Respawn Entertainment realizes each map as an intricate network of multi-level pathways  that account for both the fleet-footed, wall-running pilots and the massive, lumbering Titan mechs. Cramped passages give way to wide-open avenues, funneling the different types of combatants into shared spaces.

Like so many other things in Titanfall, the map design is familiar, yet fresh. The only way to really acquaint yourself with all of the various nooks and crannies is to play a whole lot, and then play some more. You won’t find any surefire recipes for success in this up-close look at the game’s maps, but you will get a better sense of what to expect when you run out into each new location. Scroll down to browse through the maps or click individual names below to shuttle directly to the map you’re looking for.



Titanfall - Airbase

This IMC airbase has an elaborate layout split between the ground level support facilities, and the rooftop landing pads. It’s also one of the rare Titanfall maps that’s friendly to multi-level play for Titans, with upper-level vantage points offering clear lines of fire down below in multiple locations. There’s a single turret in the southern portion of the map that’s got a clear view of the rooftop’s open fighting space. It’s a location that’s worth fighting for control of, since the turret can effectively keep enemy Titans at bay.

Angel City

Titanfall - Angel City

You may recognize Angel City if you played the beta. This is a relatively straightforward urban space, with multi-story buildings clustered around a network of wide, Titan-friendly streets. Most of the rooftops are close enough to one another that Pilots can avoid setting foot on the ground, but you’ll need the speed-boosting Stim Tactical Ability to leap to the roof of the large, three-story complex in the center of the map. There are also ground approaches to that rooftop, as well as hatchways that provide easy access from the third floor, but the route is far more dangerous. It’s difficult to maintain control of the rooftops on this map since there’s so little cover, but doing so allows you to control the streets and keep enemy Titans from doing too much damage.


Titanfall - Boneyard

There be dragons here, or at least flying alien creatures that look like dragons. Don’t worry about them though; they can’t harm you. Focus on the fierce fighting that’s sure to flare up around the central section, a relatively open space that’s abutted by buildings which offer multiple ingress points. There are two turrets to control in Boneyard at opposite ends of the map. Try to control the one at the crest of the hill in the southern portion of the map. It makes a good, defensible staging area to strike out from, since most enemy forces will take the obvious uphill approach to reach the turret and can be easily mowed down.


Titanfall - Colony

Colony is like a more rural take on Angel City. The latter map’s roads are paved and its building interiors are more elaborate, but both locations are built around residential/commercial sci-fi spaces. Colony’s structures are fewer in number and more widely spaced, though the sloped rooftops offer better cover for Pilots that like to strike at ground forces from above. The central section of the map quickly becomes a one-sided Titan graveyard if a team fails to keep up the fight for higher ground; the mechs are better off patrolling the outskirts. Similarly, Pilots should take note of that fact that you’re very exposed to flanking fire when you take to the rooftops. A sloped roof allows you to quickly duck out of sight after you fire in one direction, but anyone behind you has a clear shot. Snipe away, but don’t forget to stay on the move once you give your position away.


Titanfall - Corporate

Corporate is a spacious complex that favors Pilots more than Titans. The primary building’s main hall, and the long curving hallway it connects, to are big enough to allow for mechs to move around in, as are the outdoor courtyards and plazas that encircle it. However, almost all of these locations are in the line of sight of one or more of the offices and labs that make up Corporate’s interior. This gives Pilots a considerable advantage in all locations other than the main hallway. Keep your Titan on Guard or Follow Mode and stick to running around as a Pilot whenever you can.


Titanfall - Demeter

Demeter is an IMC fueling station that’s primarily built around outdoor locations, though most of the pathways lead to the reactor room at the western edge of the map. That leads to some fierce fighting over this location, a large, circular, high-ceilinged room with a central control tower that Pilots can hide in, and a network of catwalks that are great for sniping either Pilots of Titans from. Keep an eye out for the large fuel pipes that you can run along the top of, as they lead directly into the upper reaches of the reactor core. Perfect for getting the drop on enemies that might be holed up there.


Titanfall - Fracture

As with Angel City, you might notice that Fracture is the other of the two maps that were part of Titanfall‘s pre-release beta. There’s a little something for every type of player here. Several two- and three-story structures offer sniper-friendly rooftops, but they’re spaced far enough apart that you can’t navigate the map without touching the ground. Same goes for the buildings’ interiors; you can use them for cover as you engage nearby Titans, but the outdoor space is both large and uneven enough to limit your firing sightlines. Eventually, Pilots need to move into the open spaces, and that’s the domain of the Titans. The cliffs on the edge of the map make a good staging ground for Pilots to attack from; there’s a lot more space up there than you might think, though be wary of the minimal cover.


Titanfall - Lagoon

Two words: zip lines! Use and abuse the zip lines on Lagoon, though beware of the fact that a zip-lining Pilot makes for a very enticing – and vulnerable – target. That goes both ways though; don’t forget to look up when you’re prowling around for targets. Those zip lines see a lot of activity. You can travel on them in both directions, latching on at any point by holding the X button as you approach one; you’ll then slide along in the direction you were facing. You can also leap off at any point, which can be a great way to rodeo your way on top of enemy Titans. Don’t forget about zip lines during the evac phase of each match too. If you’re attacking, escaping enemies are easy pickings up there. And if you’re evacuating, be ready to leap off the line as soon as you get even a hint of incoming fire.


Titanfall - Nexus

Nexus is another zip line-enhanced space. It might seem a bit safer to ride them into the central portion of the map, but the abundance of building rooftops and interiors makes it even tougher to guess where an enemy might strike from when your Pilot is attached to a cord, completely exposed. Getting to the rooftops is relatively simple with these oddly shaped buildings; just find an outward-facing corner that you can leap back and forth between in a quick upward dash. The odd-looking brown office building in the northern part of the map is a good example. Just beware of snipers. Always. There are long sightlines on this map, and it’s easy to be picked off if you’re not mindful of incoming fire.

Outpost 207

Titanfall - Outpost 207

This relatively small map is deceptively Titan-friendly, which results in some tremendous explosion-riddled showdowns as groups of the lumbering mechs face off against one another. There are very few ground locations where Titans cannot go – this applies to interiors as well – so Pilots are best off sticking to the upper-level catwalks and rooftops whenever possible. There’s a single turret to control, situated near the giant space gun in the northern portion of the map. Don’t be fooled though, this location is very exposed. Instead of fighting over the turret, just avoid its field of fire entirely and lure the enemy into more ambush-friendly spots.


Titanfall - Overlook

Overlook is a tricky map since the abundance of open spaces allows for Titan dominance. The northern section of the map is especially dangerous once you’re a few minutes into a given match and the mechs start to arrive. The zip lines are tempting, but be careful of your exposure when you use them, since you’re sliding past some of the heaviest combat locations. If you prefer to stick to higher vantage points, be sure to bring a Cloak-equipped class. There are lots of catwalks and other upper-level pathways, but Titans can move freely, so even most of these aren’t very safe. The trick is to find the covered passageways that you can slip in and out of easily without being followed by a Titan. They’re plentiful, but getting to know where they are and where they lead takes some time.


Titanfall - Relic

Relic matches unfold in and around the wreckage of an crashed IMC carrier. The carrier itself contains a large, open interior space that Titans often duke it out in, though catwalks and parkour-friendly walls in the crashed ship’s upper reaches provide quick and relatively safe passage past the battle raging below, as well as easy sightlines for your Anti-Titan Weapon. The northern and southern portions of the map that the wreck straddles across are a mix of open, Titan-friendly avenues and support buildings that offer safe havens to strike out at Titans from. It’s possible to avoid the wreck’s interior completely and scurry around underneath it – as a Pilot or as a Titan – which turns out to be a great strategy for mixing things up when the enemy becomes too entrenched in one of the central locations.


Titanfall - Rise

Rise is a very narrow map with long corridors that offer tremendous sightlines for snipers and long-range Titan weapons to take advantage of. Just be aware that there are multiple, parallel corridors to travel along, which gives Pilots on the ground a distinct advantage when engaging Titans. It’s easy to fire off a few shots and then jump over to the adjacent lane, where you’re shielded from any counterattack. The upper-level building interiors also offer tremendous striking potential for Pilot-on-Titan action, with hatches you can use to launch yourself onto the back of an unsuspecting mech.

Smuggler’s Cove

Titanfall - Smugglers Cove

Smuggler’s Cove drops teams into a small port town whose north and south halves are connected by a wide bridge lined with ramshackle buildings. Titans have free run of the streets and the bridge, but there are plenty of rooftops and interiors for Pilots to rely on for cover. The fiercest action tends to build up around the bridge area, which is a deadly zone for any type of Pilot of Titan to stroll through. Snipers on both ends have perfect lanes of fire, as do long-range Titans. The buildings that line each side of the bridge provide excellent cover, but it’s very easy to be flanked by fast-moving Pilots – especially those equipped with Cloak – that are on the prowl for victims. Teams that work together to cover different fields of fire have the best shot at victory.

Training Ground

Titanfall - Training Ground

Training Ground is the first map you encountered when you played through the Training mode before jumping into the heart of Titanfall‘s multiplayer content. The abundance of turrets (four!) and open, relatively cover-free spaces favors Titans more than most other maps do. Don’t let the name fool you; Training Ground is home to some explosive knockdown firefights. There’s not much nuance to it at all. Control the turrets, stick with your team, and hope you shoot faster and harder than the other team does.

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