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Titanfall’s next update brings Featured Game Modes, Titan Insignias, and more

A pilot ejecting from their titan in Titanfall.

In addition to the usual bug fixes and balance tweaks, the latest update to Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall introduces some exciting new content.

Headlining the update is the addition of Featured Game Modes, a rotating playlist of new game modes available for a limited time only, until the new mode becomes an official part of the game. The first is called Marked for Death. In it, one player on each team is marked and must be protected against the other team, all while trying to take out the enemy mark. It’s basically Titanfall‘s take on VIP mode. Following soon after is a mode called Wingman Last Titan Standing, which the developers have not yet explained.

The update also adds 14 new Titan Burn Cards to amp up your Titan’s weapons and abilities. Once used, you only lose your Titan Burn Card if you die while riding in your mech. Titans with active Burn Cards are marked on your HUD so you can be wary of their enhanced abilities. As protection for players with full Burn Card decks, the update also allows players to exceed theirmaximum deck size when earning new cards, though cards need to be discarded after each match until the total comes back down to the limit. The update also introduces a maximum deck size that scales with your Gen level, to a maximum of 100 cards for those that reach Gen 10.

The Titans themselves see some extensive updates as well. Auto-Titans now use all of their equipped abilities, so they’ll now deploy a particle wall when under fire (for example) if you’ve equipped it to your loadout. The Titan OS also has three voice options and new, helpful warnings. You’re also be able to show off your achievements in game with unlockable Titan Insignias tied to in-game challenges. As promised, one of those is meant honor players who completed the Gooser Challenge at its pre-nerf difficulty.

Check out the full list of changes here.

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