Tobii debuts EyeAsteroids, an arcade game you play with your eyes

tobii debuts eyeasteroids an arcade game you play with your eyes eye asteroidsWe’ve been covering the evolution of Tobii’s eye-tracking technology for quite a while now, and while much of the Swedish company’s focus has been on developing ways for people to use their computers without lifting a finger, they’re clearly having some fun, too.

Over at Tobii’s website, the company debuted some new images and video for Eye Asteroids, a cabinet-style arcade game that uses the eye-tracking technology instead of a normal controller. The game itself is an Asteroids clone, requiring players to move around the screen (using their eyes) and destroy various pieces of space debris before they collide with the planet.

“Using your eyes as a game controller is an almost magical experience,” reads the Tobii site. “It’s as if the game can read your mind, creating the sensation of having supernatural powers.”

According to EuroGamer, the eye Asteroids cabinets will run about $15,000 each, but if you’re planning to be in London’s Trocadero between now and February 17, you can give one a test run.

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