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Here’s what you’ll get with The Division’s Season Pass

Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer - RPG Gameplay [US]
Ubisoft announced its DLC plans for its open-world third-person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division this week, revealing that Season Pass buyers will receive three expansions in the months after the game’s launch.

The Season Pass will also offer up new weapons, equipment, and “new types of gameplay that are designed to engage players after they’ve completed the main portion of The Division.”

First up for Season Pass owners is “Underground,” an expansion in which players can explore the depths of New York City with a squad of up to four players. “Survival,” The Division‘s second planned expansion, is a challenging mini-campaign designed to test the skills of veteran players who have completed the game’s main storyline.

Ubisoft revealed few details regarding the third planned expansion, “Last Stand,” which will arrive as The Division‘s final batch of mission-based DLC later this year.

Players who purchase The Division‘s Season Pass will receive all three expansions as they’re released, along with other exclusive in-game content. All players who purchase the Season Pass before The Division‘s launch date can look forward to a collection of day-one digital bonus goodies, including a sawed-off shotgun, character outfits, and weapon skins.

Season Pass buyers get additional perks every month via in-game events and scheduled “content drops.” Though the bulk of The Division‘s expanded content will come at a cost, Ubisoft notes that all players will be able to access free updates throughout 2016, including new gameplay modes and team-based challenges.

Ubisoft launched a closed beta for The Division this week exclusively for pre-order customers. Early adopters can sample The Division‘s gameplay over the course of this weekend before the beta ends on January 31st.

The Division‘s Season Pass is bundled with the Gold Edition and Collector’s Edition of the game, and can be purchased separately at launch. Tom Clancy’s The Division premieres for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms on March 8th.

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