Try Axis Game Factory for free: Kickstarter project gets public prototype

Axis Game Factory

Last week we brought you word on a new Kickstarter project dedicated to funding Axis Game Factory. Though not a game per se, Axis Game Factory is something of a simplified suite of development tools aimed at offering users the chance to create their own video game adventures.  You can find a solid description of the program’s feature set in our earlier article, or by visiting the official Axis Game Factory Kickstarter page

The idea of Axis Game Factory is attractive on its own, but it’s difficult to get a feel for a project like this merely from text descriptions and screenshots. Realizing this, developer Heavy Water has decided to give those who might fund their project a bit of a sneak preview of the final product. As of this past weekend, Heavy Water began offering totally gratis access to a pre-final prototype build of Axis Game Factory to anyone who wants it. Yes, even if you have no intention of contributing to the program’s Kickstarter project you can still try the thing out.

Assuming this interests you, there are a few minor hoops to jump through. Though open to everyone, this prototype test isn’t technically what we’d describe as “public.” There’s no sign-up website to visit, nor a special email list to discover. Instead, you’ll need to send an email to Include your full name and email address within the message, and according to Heavy Water you will shortly thereafter be added to the prototype test.

Though space doesn’t seem limited we urge those you interested in the test to sign up as soon as possible. With only 21 days remaining on the Kickstarter countdown and $382,396 dollars left to raise, we’re suddenly concerned for the future of Axis Game Factory. Hopefully, for Heavy Water’s sake, this public test will serve to amplify interest in the project. If nothing else, it could hypothetically lower the barrier to entry for games development, and that’s always a positive.