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Microsoft brings capture-card support for Twitch streams of Xbox One games

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Microsoft has introduced capture-card support for Twitch streams of Xbox One games, allowing gamers to automatically share their broadcasting status via Xbox Live without relying on the Xbox One Twitch app.

The new feature allows players to exercise greater control over their streamed content, and grants PC streamers all the networked promotional benefits normally reserved for Xbox One users.

“Previously, only Xbox One players broadcasting their gameplay via the Xbox Twitch app could take advantage of the several different ways to amplify their content and channel on Xbox Live to share updates and grow their audience,” Microsoft’s Major Nelson explained. “Now, any Twitch user who has linked their Xbox Live and Twitch accounts together and is broadcasting an Xbox One game using a capture card will automatically have their content amplified.”

While players always had the option of streaming Xbox One gameplay via a PC equipped with a capture card, Xbox Live promotional features were reserved for players who streamed via the console’s associated Twitch app. Initially, Microsoft’s recommended procedure for Xbox One streaming involved first launching the Twitch app and then using the console’s “snap” functionality to run it in the background during gameplay.

Starting today, PC players can use streaming software like XSplit and Open Broadcaster Software to stream Xbox One footage, giving them greater control over video capture, archiving, and editing while they reap the benefits of Xbox Live promotion.

Regardless of whether you stream Xbox One games via the console’s Twitch app or a PC capture card, your online status and updates will be automatically shared via the Xbox One Activity Feed and the Xbox app for Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Follower notifications are also available for both app and capture-card users, giving your friends a heads-up when Xbox One streams begin. Streams from both sources will also be publicly featured in appropriate Game Product Details Pages in the Xbox Store, further signal-boosting user broadcasts.

To take advantage of Xbox Live capture-card support, Xbox One users must link their Xbox Live and Twitch accounts within the console’s Twitch app. Capture-card users must then identify the game they’re currently playing on Twitch’s website to enable Xbox Live notifications and Activity Feed updates.

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